Javadoc Taglet

Quick Sequence Diagram Editor helps you to add sequence diagrams to your Java documentation (javadoc). Pass these two parameters to the javadoc tool:

-tagletpath <CLASSPATH> -taglet net.sf.sdedit.taglet.SequenceTaglet

<CLASSPATH> is the location of the Quick Sequence Editor class files, that can be the jar file or the bin directory. If you are using the exe file, there is no such location, sorry.

Now javadoc will interpret the contents of @sequence.diagram tags as textual descriptions of sequence diagrams. It will create PNG images from them and they will be shown on the HTML pages generated by the standard doclet. The images are stored in a directory named "sequence-diagrams" that is a child of the javadoc target directory.

When the @sequence.diagram is followed by a quoted string, it will be used as a headline for the sequence diagram.<--> @sequence.diagram tags are no inline tags and they can be used in a package description and<-->anywhere inside a class definition.


  This is the description of the EnigmaDecoder.

  @author Alan Turing

Beware of code-formatters that join lines in javadoc comments. This might result in syntactically wrong sequence diagram descriptions.