Command line usage

Let <start-command> be the start command, e. g. java -jar sdedit-3.0.jar, sdedit-3.0.exe, sdedit.bat, or ./ Users of the zip distributions who are familiar with Java might start sdedit typing something like java -classpath bin:lib/.... Note that ant run or ant start will not work as a <start-command>.

The point of running sdedit from within a shell is to automatically images from diagram files.

In order to do this, specify the name of the output file to be created using the -o option. The type of the file to be created (pdf, ps, svg, png, ...) is to be given as the value of the -t option. The paper format (one of {A0, ..., A7}) and orientation (one of {Landscape,Portrait}) can be configured using the -f and -r option, respectively. Appending -h as an option shows a list of long options that can be used for configuring the diagram.


If options are used, exactly one input file must be defined. When no option is used, arbitrarily many input files can be specified, which will be loaded into separate tabs then.